GenNx360 operates from a set of integrated Core Values; they guide our investments, our actions and how we collaborate with every portfolio company. Sustainability and responsibility are at the center of our values and they are ingrained in every step of the investment and operational process.

Positive Societal Impact. Maintaining a sustainable society is an important part of our tradition and our values.  We consider the environmental, social and governance implications of our investments. GenNx360 invests in companies with long-range sustainable capabilities. The senior partners are experienced leaders in identifying and guiding companies along responsible and sustainable growth. It’s our mission to integrate this culture in every portfolio company, providing a significant payoff for investors, the companies, their employees and the communities where they live. 

GenNx360 is part of the solution. Our responsible investment strategy focuses on creating shared value, investing for both principle and performance, linking together social and environmental benefits with financial gains. As a result, GenNx invests in companies that are poised for long-term, sustainable growth and stability. The resilience of our portfolio companies in dealing with future challenges is important to us.

Investing in a Greener Future, Featuring Ronald E. Blaylock

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