Olya Popili
Executive Assistant
Olya Popili Olya Popili
Executive Assistant
Olya Popili is an Executive Assistant to Monty Yort, Matt Guenther, and Daphne Dufresne at GenNx360 Capital Partners.  She joined in February of 2019. Prior to joining GenNx, Olya provided tech support and expertise in software, digital platforms, big data and innovation for the National Outside Sales Director and the Outside Sales team, as well as executive support the National E-Commerce Director and Inside Sales team. Olya received a B.S. in Supply Chain Management & Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University. 

GenNx360 Role:
  • Administrative and Strategic support to the Deal Team
  • Optimizing and coordinating projects
  • Client functions and correspondence
  • Office management and HR 
  • Tech Support, marketing and wed development

Tel:  646-747-3826