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GenNx360 Capital Partners Announces the Formation of a New Firm, GenNx360 Operating Partners
Portfolio Company News - April 14, 2006

Representing an elite collection of world-class business and operating management, GenNx360 Operating Partners will provide exclusive access to some of the finest and most sought after leaders in the industry. These distinctive individuals, with decades of experience, can be deployed to act as advisors and board members or, when warranted, occupy CXO positions in GenNx360 portfolio companies. Acting individually or as a team, GenNx360 Operating Partners will instill within the portfolio companies the rhythm and rigor necessary to develop and implement the key business metrics and processes required to create true, long-term, enterprise value.

"This is an important milestone for our business," affirmed Art Harper, Managing Partner. "The platform is now set to offer the choice of a truly, differentiated business model in this industry."

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