Our core values drive our work and outreach to our community

Core Values


We do what is right, regardless of who is looking. Open, honest and genuine, we have the highest ethical and moral standards.

Investor Focus
Investor Focus

Our fiduciary responsibility is what drives our decisions: Our investors are at the core of what we do. We understand our decisions impact the lives of others.


We put the team before ourselves. Together, we actively work to achieve the goals of our team and those we serve.

Open And Candid Communications
Open And Candid Communications

We value the opinions of our team members and encourage open and candid conversation to achieve our goals.

Respect For Others
Respect For Others

Each individual understands and respects the role of each member of the team. We value the diverse skills each employee brings to the team.

Quality, Timely And Accountable Decision Making
Quality, Timely And Accountable Decision Making

We value the opinions of our team members and encourage open and candid conversation to achieve our goals.

Performance Excellence
Performance Excellence

We support each other to perform at our best every day. We value smart, quality and creative work and respect those that employ it with passion and excellence.

Socially Conscious And Responsible
Socially Conscious And Responsible

We are committed to giving back to our communities where we live and work, helping those in need. We are committed to providing work/life flexibility for our employees.

Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

We are committed to social responsibility and sustainability through the investments we make and the actions we take.

Integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into the policies and principles that govern our investment processes supports our commitment to sustainable growth, reduces risk, and protects and creates value for our investors and portfolio companies.

GenNx360 oversees the integration of the ESG policy into the firm’s investment analysis and decision-making processes, ensuring on-going monitoring and compliance.

For more information on GenNx360 Capital Partner's ESG policy, contact Carmen Rojas, Director of Investor Relations at

Horsburg & Scott
  • Reclaiming gear grinding and quench oil for recycling
  • Cut use of cleaning solvents
  • LED lighting in facility
  • Mentorship and engineering programs
Subsea Global Solutions
  • Proactively working with environmental agencies around the world to support environmental changes
  • Environhull System allows filtering of particulate matter from hull cleaning or propeller polishing
  • Whaleshark System removes dissolved metals during cleaning operations
Miller Environmental Group
  • Reclamation of contaminated and combustible fuels
  • Pre-treatment of petroleum contaminated wastewater and soil
  • Reuse/recycle used drums
  • Repair/refurbish equipment in R&D Department

GenNx Foundation Logo

Giving back is part of our culture and our core values. Our firm-wide commitment includes the GenNx Foundation, founded in 2010 and fully funded by the GenNx360 Management Company.

Since 2006, GenNx360 is proud to have made over $5.2 million in charitable donations to many outstanding and deserving organizations in the communities where we live, work and serve.

We believe in acting responsibly across the globe and focus our efforts in important areas, including educational programs for underserved children, after-school programs, providing food to local food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters, as well as worldwide disaster relief efforts. We donate toys to children during the holiday season and often collaborate with portfolio company management teams and employees to give back in their communities.

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