Creating long-term sustainable value for our companies and investors with our unique operational processes and GenNx360 tool kit

Investment Strategy

Our Exclusive Focus

North America-based middle market industrial and business services companies is our niche. The selection of potential portfolio companies starts with our specific industry focus and an assessment of the industry, sub-sectors, competition, customers and end markets supported by our successful proactive sourcing initiatives.

We Invest In

We seek control positions in companies with sustainable business models having attractive macro drivers and performance enhancement opportunities, operating in fragmented sectors where we can execute on our buy and build strategy. We seek to invest in founder/family-owned businesses where we can be the first institutional capital into the business.

We Seek To

Creating sustainable long-term value for our portfolio companies and our investors is key. Before we close on an investment, we establish a strategic direction to build value. The GenNx360 Toolkit, our deeply rooted and proven processes for operational enhancements and growth, guides our portfolio companies to become "best-in-class".

GenNx360 is a proven partner of choice for entrepreneurs and founding families. The majority of our investments have been done in partnership with founders seeking opportunities to scale the business and monetize their holdings, while retaining company legacy.

Deal Characteristics

Targeted Sub-Sectors

We invest in sectors that intersect with the deep operational and investment experience of our team and our extensive network of industry relationships. 

  • Automation & Industrial Technology
  • Business & Industrial Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Food Ingredients/Equipment Services
  • Packaging Products /Equipment Services
  • Repair & Maintenance Services
The depth of our global experience in operations and managing global supply chains uniquely positions GenNx360 to capitalize on the reshoring trends in manufacturing and supporting services and the increasing need for technology-enabled manufacturing automation.

Value Creation

Top Talent

Our value creation strategy starts with our integrated team of 30+ operational and investment professionals. Our fully-dedicated operations team includes seasoned front-line senior operating executives with proven track records of success running multi-billion-dollar Fortune 500 enterprises and middle market businesses. Our investment team brings decades of success investing in private equity and capital markets spanning multiple industries and market cycles and have the necessary experience to generate results in today’s market.

Proactive Sourcing Process

Our proactive sourcing process has proven very effective.  This systematic approach starts with selecting a specific sub-sector of focus having key characteristics. With this, we employ a methodical process to identify and approach sector participants.   This repeatable and efficient process results in proprietary transactions and enables us to achieve a more effective diligence and pre-close strategy preparation.  
We also leverage our extensive network of sector specialists, which includes buy-side advisors, bankers, owner-operators of businesses and highly respected former senior executives, to identify attractive acquisition opportunities.

Operational Engagement and Investment Excellence

Our operating partners bring over 150+ years of collective experience managing industrial services, manufacturing businesses, and global supply chains in both Fortune 500 and middle market companies. We have a unique perspective to help our companies during today’s unprecedented market conditions
Beyond portfolio management, our operating partners work in close partnership with our investment professionals pre-deal in scoping and shaping due diligence, assessing management teams, creating the investment thesis and value creation plan, and exit readiness. Together, we partner with portfolio company management teams and apply our operating principles and the GenNx360 Toolkit to accelerate growth throughout the lifecycle of an investment and drive long-term value creation.

Build companies that remain agile and responsive

We build well-diversified portfolios that weather storms. We invest in recession resilient industries in our focused sectors where we can execute on our buy and build strategy for diversification and risk mitigation in our portfolio companies. 


Before we close on an investment, we identify potential complementary bolt-ons with the goal of expanding the company quickly, ultimately introducing new technologies, markets, customer groups, geographies, and enhanced product lines. We build companies that remain agile and responsive during all market fluctuations: All GenNx360 portfolio companies are deemed essential businesses and are continuing operations through the COVID-19 pandemic.


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