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GenNx360's Bulk Buy Program
Portfolio Company News - July 25, 2011

GenNx360 has initiated a Bulk Buy Program which is already helping to cut back on indirect costs internally as well as across some of its portfolio companies. This new initiative offers GenNx360 and its portfolio companies the opportunity to participate in a volume discount program to gain savings on office supplies, shipping, and hotel and airline travel. The most immediate savings has been in the area of office supplies. To date, GenNx360 and three of its portfolio companies who have signed up on the GenNx360 account Vertex, Maine Machine Products, and GVI -- have saved more than 16% and it is expected that yield will increase as additional members sign up and the account continues to get better pricing and annual rebates.

In the area of shipping, GenNx360 is currently working to create a customized shipping program tailored to the specific needs of GenNx and its affiliates.

The hotel and airline travel initiative has the potential to offer the most cost savings as well as save the most time and effort. GenNx360 has identified a new travel partner combining a personal, high quality travel booking service with a proactive management program, custom-tailored to its particular needs for a savings of more than 10% to15% of its travel budget.

We continue to listen and respond to the needs of our portfolio companies and partners for opportunities to find savings. We have identified several other attractive opportunities that will be pursued. If you are interested in participating or in learning more about the GenNx360 Bulk Buy Program, you may contact any of the following individuals:

Anthony Willis, Operating Associate; Mukesh Sawlani, Managing Director, Global Operations; Kimberly Berry-Jeter, Office Manager; Carmen Rojas, Investor Relations Manager.

You can now track the progress of our Bulk Buy Program by visiting us on Facebook at

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