Buy and Build of National Industrial Packaging Distribution

Headquartered in Addison, Illinois, B2B Industrial Packaging sells a full range of packaging supplies and equipment, including corrugated boxes, protective packaging, strapping and stretch film. B2B works with more than 17,000 active clients and operates out of a nationwide footprint that includes 18 branches across 15 states

Addison, Illinois
Fund III
Company Website
Refinanced in 2022
Seeking strategic add-ons

Buy and Build of National Industrial Packaging Distribution
Completed 17 add-ons
Expanded into >10 states
Increased regional density
Tripled active clients
Achieved product portfolio diversification
Diversified end market exposure
Enhanced cost competitiveness
Transaction Sourcing
  • Proactively targeted for investment due to large addressable market and resilient industry characteristics 
  • Platform for consolidation in fragmented industry with track record of successful acquisitions 
  • Sourced in a proprietary process
Investment Highlights
  • Small to mid-sized enterprise (“SME”) customer base with highly diversified end markets
  • Established platform known for exemplary customer service, lead times, and effective regional distribution network
  • Numerous organic growth opportunities include leveraging prospecting model, sticky customer relationships, and new product categories
  • Decentralized business model which enables quickly assimilating new acquisitions
Key Initiatives Completed
  • Expanded geographic footprint with 17 add-ons
  • Strengthened the leadership team with significant CXO adds 
  • Product mix diversification through acquisitions and cross selling ERP
  • Integration process ongoing with add-ons
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